Two common rodents in the Denver, Colorado area are pocket gophers and voles. Both of these animals cause a great deal of damage in yards. (In general we do not have moles in and around the Denver area). Fortunately both pocket gophers and voles can be treated.

Vole damage Voles dig and leave trails
Photo by Nick Dunham, Absolute Pest Control, Parker, CO
Vole trails in a yard Vole trails left in a yard
Photo by Parker Holmes, Absolute Pest Control, Parker, CO

The easiest way to tell which rodent you have is:
  • Pocket gophers leave mounds of dirt in the yard

  • Voles leave trails in the yard.

Once you have determined which pest you have, call our office or contact us to set up your service.


Pocket Gopher Pocket Gopher - click here to see mound.

will dig tunnels and leave mounds of dirt in your yard. Unlike in the picture, you usually won't actually see the gopher. Click on the link under picture to see what the pocket gopher mound looks like.

These rodents feed on roots they encounter when digging their tunnels. They will also feed on vegetation above ground near their tunnel. They particularly like above ground vegetation when it is green. Many shrubs, bushes and trees will be clipped just above ground.

Pocket Gophers usually construct one to three mounds per day (this can vary), with most activity occuring in spring and fall.

Unfortunately pocket gophers also cause a lot of damage to landscaping and are best treated early with a follow up twice a year.

More Information On Pocket Gophers:
Pocket Gophers usually breed in the spring and produce one litter of 1 to 10 young after about 20 days of gestation.

They reduce the productivity of native grasslands on which they are found by 20 to 50 percent.


Vole Vole

will burrow and leave trails in your yard.

These rodents feed on shrubs, bushes and trees. Unfortunately voles cause extensive damage to ornamental plants, trees and shrubs, as well as lawns and golf courses. They prefer the bark of young trees but will feed on any tree when food is scarce.

Technician, Nick, treating voles in a yard Technician, Nick, treating voles in a yard after snow melt.
Photo by Parker Holmes, Absolute Pest Control, Parker, CO

Most damage occurs in the winter when voles are under the protection of the snow.

If you see any vole damage in your Denver area yard, contact us to set up an appointment. We do services in Denver and surrounding towns and cities.

More Information On Voles:
Voles are a small rodent that measure 4 to 8.5 inches long and weigh 1 to 3 ounces. They range in color from brown to gray.

Voles are active day and night all year - they do not hibernate. They live between 2 and 16 months. Vole population usually peaks every three to five years.

They have three to six young per litter and between 3 and 12 litters per year. They carry their young from 20 to 23 days and breed almost year round.

Do you have voles or pocket gophers?