Protecting Your Denver Home Against Winter Rodents


January 15, 2023 - Rodents

vole in a meadow

Denver pest control companies often see an uptick in calls this time of year. Whether dealing with big rodents like rats or small rodents like mice, rodent control in Denver happens year-round. The most effective rodent control, both indoors and outside on your property, involves prevention measures and quick detection.

Rodents endanger your home, property, and family. They carry diseases and parasites like fleas and ticks. Rodents in walls or ceilings can cause extensive damage. We are here to help you find the best way to get rid of rodents and keep them from returning.

The Kinds Of Rodents That Invade Denver Properties 

The most common types of rodents that invade Denver properties are mice, rats, pocket gophers, and voles. Winter may send mice and rats searching for shelter and food inside your home. Voles and pocket gophers are tunneling rodents that can ruin your lawn and landscaping. 

Common Colorado rodents that cause damage outside your home are pocket gophers and voles. Pocket gophers can be responsible for ruining lawns, killing trees, and destroying gardens with tunneling activity. Voles can cause extensive damage to lawns when they build their vast runway and tunnel systems. Having these rodents on your property will attract larger predators that eat them, such as coyotes, weasels, and snakes.

How Can I Tell If Rodents Have Gotten Onto My Denver Property?

Outdoors, you may notice signs that tunneling rodents like pocket gophers or voles have torn up your lawn or garden. Rats and mice habitually get into trash containers that don’t close completely or are easy to open. Watch sheds and garages for signs of rodents nests or droppings as well.

The types of rodents you are most likely to spot inside your home are rats and mice. Rats cause terrible damage by chewing their way through your home, especially when searching for food and water. Gnaw marks and wood shavings in your house may indicate rodents in the walls. House mice will chew on wiring, potentially causing electrical fires. 

Typical signs of rodents in the home are droppings, ripped food packages, and scratching sounds in walls, floors, and ceilings. You also may notice upholstery or torn mattresses while rodents search for nesting materials. Frequently check crawl spaces, basements, and any other spaces that may be damp for signs of rodents searching for water.

Five Simple Yet Effective Rodent Prevention Tips For Around The House

Simple prevention measures can help ensure Colorado rodents stay away from your property and home:

  1. Be sure to repair any holes, cracks, or damage to the foundation and roof. Also, ensure proper drainage at the foundation and install gutters to channel water away from the building.
  2. Keep food appropriately stored in the home and clean up crumbs immediately. Clean up pet food and crumbs as soon as they are finished.
  3. Take the garbage out frequently and make sure outdoor garbage cans close properly.
  4. Fix leaking pipes and water-damaged wood, which can attract rodents.
  5. Keep your lawn trimmed with mowing, use raised garden boxes, and keep mulch away from the home’s foundation.

The most effective rodent control plans start with prevention.

The Best Way To Eliminate Rodents And Keep Them Out

Rodent control in Denver is necessary all year round. At Absolute Pest Control, our sales service technicians are skilled at finding the best way to get rid of rodents on your property or in your home. With Absolute Pest Control on your side, you can rest assured that your entire home, inside and out, is safe from pests.

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