A few words about us. But first, thank you for visiting the Absolute Pest Control web site!

Absolute Pest Control started business in the fall of 1986. The company was incorporated in 1990.

One of the reasons the company was started was because of the owner’s view of the industry at the time. It was their belief that the industry needed to improve its overall reputation. In the late 1980’s it was almost impossible for a pest control technician to live on the pay the industry was paying. It was even harder for a pest control technician at that time to raise a family. The only way to make a real living in pest control was to own a business. That just didn’t seem right, so the owners set about to change it.

Another reason the company was started was to provide a pest control service to Colorado that was specific to the climate and seasons of Colorado. Many companies were providing year-round pest control service to residential customers. However Colorado winters dictate a completely different frequency. Service should be done based on the degree of infestation, as well as the climate and the pest habitat. It turns out that most pests aren’t a problem in Colorado in the middle of the winter. But since the national companies were bringing their service in from places like Florida, Arizona and Texas, they were requiring customers to sign year-round pest control contracts.

That brings up yet another reason Absolute Pest Control was started – contracts. Many companies, at the time, were requiring customers to sign a contract. That meant the customer had to accept service or pay for it even if they didn’t get the service at the required time. This seemed like a great way for the company to make money, but a lousy way for the customer to get the pest control they needed. So the owners at Absolute Pest Control started having their customers sign an agreement (not a contract) stating that they agreed to allow the pest control service to be done on a certain time schedule, but if the customer didn’t get service one time, they didn’t have to pay for it. And furthermore, they could cancel their service anytime they wanted to – without having to buy off the remainder of a contract.

What you really need to know about us:

  1. We are concerned about our customers and the quality of service they are receiving.

  2. Our employees are important to us and we care about how they are doing.

  3. We hope to be providing quality pest control services to our customers for many years to come.

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