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German cockroaches are the worst of all roaches. They have adapted to living with humans, and in close proximity to humans, to such a great extent, that scientists are unable to find a population of wild German cockroaches anywhere in the world. This has led these cockroaches to become formidable opponents when it comes to pest control. This is where we are going to start our discussion today.

Why Are German Cockroaches So Difficult To Control?

All roaches have the ability to survive exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation, but the vast majority of cockroach species don't get into man-made structures. The ones that do have been exposed to more chemicals than the ones that don't.

When exposed to chemicals, young cockroaches (called nymphs) shed their skins and develop new skins that are more resistant. This genetic adaptation is more prevalent in structure-infesting cockroaches due to exposure. Cockroaches pass their genetic immunities to their offspring. The nymphs of chemical-resistant roaches are also resistant. The German cockroach, being the cockroach species that loves living with humans most, has developed a greater level of chemical resistance.

This is what you're up against. Unfortunately, the bad news doesn't end here. There are some populations of German cockroaches that have developed bait aversion as well. The sweet, sugary substance used in cockroach baits is no longer sweet to certain German cockroaches. Their taste receptors have been genetically altered to detect this sweet substance as bitter.

What Can You Do To Control German Cockroaches?

An effective German cockroach treatment plan must be multi-pronged. It must include a mixture of control methods and products. We recommend the following steps for the management of German cockroaches.

Step 1: Alter Conditions Outside

If you do not have German cockroaches in your home, or you're looking to reduce the number of roaches that continue to get into your home, this is the first and most important step you need to take. German cockroaches are highly attracted to these conditions. Alter them to reduce roach activity.

  • The scent of garbage. A cockroach can smell a dirty trash receptacle from a distance. If you don't get the trash to the curb on time, or you have a bag of trash sitting in a trash can for a long time, the scent is going to attract cockroaches. It will continue to attract cockroaches even after the trash has been removed. Deodorize trash receptacles and remove trash weekly to avoid creating a scent that attracts cockroaches.
  • Moisture. Cockroaches need moisture. Not only is moisture necessary as a water source, but it also hydrates the body of a cockroach. If you have clogged gutters, clean them out to prevent oversaturation of your perimeter.
  • Organic clutter. Leaf piles, grass clippings, sticks, wood stacks, and other organic clutter are strong attractants for German cockroaches. Yard work is essential for roach management.
  • General clutter. German cockroaches can hide under any object that blocks the sun and creates a moist habitat underneath. Remove clutter, particularly objects that are near your home.

Step 2: Seal Your Exterior

It is impossible to prevent German cockroaches from getting into your Denver home because they are small roaches that have the ability to compact themselves to squeeze in through tight gaps. But it is worth the effort to try. Limiting access will deter roaches. This is because one reason they get into your home in the first place is that they are attracted to tight spaces, cracks, and crevices. Remove these, and they may not try to get inside.

Step 3: Alter Interior Conditions

There is no way to make your home inhospitable for cockroaches, but limiting access to food and moisture can deter population growth.

  • Protect all food sources, including food left on dirty dishes, pet food, crumbs, etc.
  • Clean and deep clean. Cockroaches feed on hair, dead skin, feces, and the grime on the sides of your oven. Sanitation is essential for management.
  • Store your garbage in a sealed can. It may be inconvenient, but it will keep these roaches from gaining access to an important source of food, and it will limit your exposure to cockroach-related illness.
  • Address plumbing issues, condensation, and humidity. German cockroaches need water. Fix leaky faucets and showerheads. Use the fan in your bathroom when you take a shower. Install dehumidifiers in areas of your home that stay humid.

Step 4: Targeted Cockroach Treatment

This step should be performed by a licensed pest professional. Appropriate products must be selected and administered in a calculated way to counteract the natural resistances of the German cockroaches in your home. These products and methods, combined with eco-friendly pest maintenance, can fully address this tough pest control problem.

When you want absolute control of German cockroaches in Denver, you know who to call. The service team here at Absolute Pest Control provides industry-leading pest control to residents in Denver. Connect with us today for immediate service. We provide both home pest control as well as commercial pest management solutions.

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