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Life can feel overwhelming, and it is easy to put things on the back burner. Rodent control can be one of those things. If you find signs that rodents are in your home, such as the appearance of rodent dropping, chew marks, the scent of urine, or your pet starts acting strangely in your kitchen, you might shrug it off.

It is easy to think that having rodents in your home is not a problem to be too concerned about, mice and rats aren't large, imposing animals. But, before you consider putting rodent control on that back burner, there are a few things you should know.

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Seven Ways Mice & Rats Can Impact Your Life

  1. Mice and rats chew on wood and building materials. The damage they do may not be significant, but the holes they create can allow rainwater into your home. This can lead to wood rot, mold problems, and secondary pests.
  2. Mice and rats chew on wiring and gas lines. This is a recipe for disaster. Experts believe that at least 80 percent of house fires that ignite from an unknown source are likely the result of a rodent infestation.
  3. Mice and rats tear up insulation, rip wallpaper, damage stored furniture, make holes in clothing, and do other destructive things as they seek materials for their nests.
  4. Mice and rats chew holes in food packaging and contaminate food with their hairs, feces, and urine. They also contaminate surfaces, cutting boards, plates, silverware, pans, and other dishes as they explore your kitchen areas at night. The illnesses spread by mice and rats are mostly stomach-related. These come with flu-like symptoms.
  5. Mice and rats are a low threat for rabies but a strong vector for bubonic plague. While cases of bubonic plague are rare, and this disease is treatable, contracting it can be a miserable experience.
  6. Mice and rats spread ticks, fleas, and other parasites around as they go from floor to floor within your home. This can expose your pets, and you, to other serious diseases.
  7. Mice and rats can make noises in your walls and keep you up as you're trying to go to bed. This can be very frustrating, but you might want to thank those rodents for making such a racket. Rodents can live in your home without making a single, detectable noise. When they do, it can allow them to cause ongoing sickness in your home.

Five Ways Mice & Rats Can Outsmart You

Another reason to call a professional when mice or rats get into your Denver home is that they are incredibly smart creatures that have behaviors and abilities that help them avoid traps.

  1. If you touch rodent traps with your hands, you could leave a scent that will make rodents avoid those traps.
  2. Rats are suspicious animals that don't like new things introduced to their environment. If you put a trap in a location rats have already explored, they're likely to avoid it.
  3. Rodents are quick and cautious animals. They have been observed by cameras, eating the bait off a latch trap and avoiding the spring of the latch.
  4. Rodents stay close to walls because they use their whiskers to feel the walls as they run in the pitch dark. If you place traps away from the walls, you'll have a harder time catching rodents.
  5. You might catch some rodents only to warn the others to be even more cautious around your traps.

Five Essential Facts That Are Often Not Considered

  1. It is important to understand that your home can have a significant population of mice or rats. If you manage to catch a few, you may only be culling a fraction of the population.
  2. If you deploy traps wrong, or with the wrong type of bait, you can cause a rodent to trigger a trap without getting caught. This will cause it to be trap shy and make your problem more difficult.
  3. Sometimes snap traps can damage a rodent and not kill it. If the rodent crawls away and dies inside your walls, this can create a smell and invite a secondary pest problem.
  4. If a rodent gets caught by a leg and remains in your trap, this can cause significant harm and trauma. 
  5. If you catch rodents but don't deal with the entry points that are allowing them to get into your home, you're going to continue to have rodent issues.

Rodent Control & Management In Denver

For assistance with rodents, contact Absolute Pest Control. Our team of highly trained and experienced pest professionals use field-tested methods to ensure effective rodent removal and exclusion. You won't have to wonder if you still have mice or rats living in your home. Reach out to us today for immediate assistance. We also offer commercial pest management services.


Awesome service and results. I live in rural parker. If you want to get rid of bugs and mice they know how to do it. The owner came out personally to give a quote. He knew exactly what to do. I highly recommend this company.

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