Why Are There Spiders In My Denver Home?


August 13, 2022 - Spiders

spider bites on skin

We are all aware that spiders are a part of the ecosystem, and that they have a job to do. That’s fine when they are outside in the garden munching on all the flying pests, especially those mosquitoes! It’s when they come into your Denver home that causes all the problems. At Absolute Pest Control, we completely understand. We have homes, families, and spiders too. None of us like walking into webs, or sharing our beds with arachnids. 

Spiders Common To Denver

Colorado has the honor of being home to a scary amount of creepy crawly spiders. Aren’t we lucky? Not! Most likely it’s due to the abundant food sources available, or maybe they just like the Mile High city vibe. Be sure to ask Mr. Spider next time you see him. Here is a list of the more common varieties:

  • Funnel weaver spiders 
  • Jumping spiders 
  • Woodlouse hunter
  • Ground spiders
  • Cobweb spiders/house spiders 
  • Daddy long legs
  • Yellow sac spiders 
  • Wolf spiders 

Most of these spiders are completely harmless, but there are a few that pack a wallop. If you are bitten by a spider, please do your best to catch it. This makes it much easier for the doctor to identify the toxin. For the most part, spiders prefer to eat moths, flies, mosquitos, and sometimes other spiders. People are not usually on the menu.

Why Are They Invading My House?

Spiders are there for one reason: the food. So, if you have a spider problem, then you also have other pest problems. They will spin their webs in high-traffic bug areas in hopes to catch as many as possible. Typical spider food would be:

It’s great that spiders eat all of these flying pests, especially mosquitoes, but it doesn’t change the fact that spiders are in your house. Ew!

A study conducted by Lund University in Sweden estimates that spiders eat 400 to 800 million metric tons of insects each year. To put that number into perspective, humans consume approximately 400 million tons of meat and fish annually. 

Professional Help Is The Best Way To Go

While the use of over-the-counter pesticides will help in a pinch, they will not be effective in the long run. Calling in the professionals from Absolute Pest Services will be the long-lasting solution you’re looking for. Our crew understands the needs of families and their crazy schedules. With their ongoing professional assistance, spiders will be a pest of the past. Call us to find out more about our commercial and residential spider control services.

Spider Prevention Tips

Spiders seem to creep their way into every type of dwelling, from commercial properties, to high-end homes. Being vigilant with these preventive measures is your first line of defense against a spider invasion. Make a list and check it twice.

  • Check window screens for holes, rips, or bent frames. Fill holes and cracks around the outside of the house.
  • Empty garbage frequently, and keep outdoor garbage cans away from the house.
  • Be sure that food is in airtight plastic containers.
  • Insulate pipes to avoid condensation.
  • Frequent de-webbing is probably the most effective and quickest way to deter the spider’s attempt to take up residence.
  • Keeping a clean and tidy home that is clutter-free is a definite help. Spiders dislike the smell of bleach or white vinegar.
  • The use of essential oils near suspected entry points makes your home far less inviting. Peppermint, tea tree, and eucalyptus oils are recommended.
  • Check the underside of furniture and dressers for egg sacs. Remove them carefully if you find any.
  • Be sure that your door sweeps are in good repair.

Doing your best to follow these pest control tips, paired with our spider extermination services, will have your Denver home spider-free in no time.

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