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In Denver, when temperatures drop, pest problems drop as well. During the winter, we don't expect to deal with pests unless they've already gotten in and found some nice warm hiding places. Is this the case with bed bugs? Yes. But it is worse than you might think. Join us as we talk about bed bugs season, when bed bugs spread most, and what causes bed bugs to get into Denver homes. We'll share tips to detect early signs of bed bugs, tips to prevent an infestation, and methods to get rid of bed bugs. If you're concerned about bed bugs and curious about bed bug control in Denver, we have some great stuff to share with you today. If you don't really want to know about these annoying, and sometimes harmful, pests and you just want someone to get rid of those bugs for you, we're happy to help with that as well. Absolute Pest Control provides the highest level of bed bug pest control in Denver. Navigate to our contact page and tell us about your issue. We'll get back to you quickly and guide you toward the right bed bugs pest control service for your home.

When Is Bed Bug Season In Denver?

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Bed bugs are indoor pests, so there isn't really a season when they are most active. But the times when people celebrate, times such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, are often when bed bugs spread and when bed bug infestations begin. So, while other pests in Denver go into hiding during the winter months, a bed bug problem can just start to rear its ugly head. It is important to keep this in mind because winter is a good time to inspect for bed bugs in your home and when you are away from home, visiting relatives and friends. If you catch bed bugs in your home early, you can deal with them before they leave dozens of bites on your skin. If you catch bed bugs away from home, you can prevent them from hitching a ride back. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Bed bugs are not easy pests to control. You'll have difficulty locating and removing them, even if you know how to clean bed bugs up in infested areas. It is far better to take steps to prevent an infestation. It is a bit of a nuisance, but well worth the effort. 

Why Bed Bugs Could Still Be Spreading Around Denver Homes

Winter is not the only time that you can pick bed bugs up during your travels or when someone visits your home for the holidays; bed bugs are indoor pests that hitchhike from one location to another at any time of year. Unlike humans, they don't take a holiday. They are always on the move. If you are wondering, "Are bed bugs still a problem in Denver?" The answer is a resounding yes. There is always a risk of getting bed bugs, even in the dead of winter. Here are a few ways you may pick up bed bugs in winter:

  • Children can get bed bugs during sleepovers. The reason is obvious. But don't be too quick to cast blame. Bed bugs can infest a home for months without detection. Bites are often slight at first. The parents of your child's friend may not even know they have an infestation.
  • You can get bed bugs when you visit a relative in senior living. Many seniors don't have a reaction to bed bug bites. They can get several bites and not realize it. When you visit, these insects may find an opportunity to get into clothing and other items you place on chairs, couches, or the floor.
  • You can pick bed bugs up at a movie theater. Bed bugs don't just live in places that have beds. When they transport from one location to another, they sometimes find themselves in a circumstance where they have to feed on people who are still awake. They can do this as long as they are concealed in darkness. Bed bugs have an aversion to light. Will you feel it? Not if you're into the movie.
  • You can get bed bugs at work. Employees can bring bed bugs from home. If there are dark areas or concealed locations, bed bugs may find a way to survive. They'll hide in an office chair or couch. They also like hiding under the feet of furniture.
  • You can pick bed bugs up when taking a ride in a taxi. A bed bug can climb out of a tight space in the seat and right into a pocket of your clothing. Tight spaces attract them.
  • You can get bed bugs when you purchase used household items. Bed bugs hide in furniture. They also hide in alarm clocks, computers, and pianos. If an object has a void inside, and it was placed near a bed, couch, or chair, it could have bed bugs. Check used items thoroughly.
  • You can get bed bugs from a neighbor. Bed bugs eventually spread to walls. When they do this, they can pass from one apartment to another. Keep in mind that they don't do this immediately. They isolate themselves to one zone and keep themselves alive. You may see bites on your neighbor or hear them complain about bed bugs long before these pests come over to your side of the wall.

There are many ways to get bed bugs, but one way you won't get them is outside your home. Bed bugs don't live in your yard. They are almost exclusively indoor pests. You can't keep them out in the same way you keep other pests out. Be gentle on your pest control service provider if you have an ongoing service plan and get bed bugs. It isn't our fault. These bugs hop over perimeter protection.    

How To Protect Your Denver Home From Bed Bugs

Now that you know what you're up against, what can you do about it? There are many ways to catch these pests while away from home. You just need to know where bed bugs hide. There are also several methods that help to deter bed bugs even when you don't see them.

Inspections: Take a quick look when you spend the night somewhere. Inspect sheets, pillowcases, and bedding for black or brown stains. Inspect mattress seams with a credit card and look for black feces, white eggs, shed skins, or tiny insects. When sitting down to watch a movie, inspect your seat with the light of your smartphone. When getting into a cab, inspect the seat. You can also use your nose to detect the scent of bed bug pheromones, which many describe as coriander.

Laundry: The scent of the oils on human skin attracts bed bugs. When you wear your clothes, your scent gets on them, and they become a beacon for bed bugs. Always put laundry items directly into a plastic bag and seal the bag to keep bed bugs out.

Luggage: Your scent is on everything you touch. When you pack luggage, you create a scent inside your luggage that will lure bed bugs in. They're also drawn to tight spaces in your luggage. Some travelers swear that lavender keeps bed bugs out. It is worth a try. A better solution is to put your bags in a sealed bag during your stay. When you take the luggage out, use a luggage rack.

Wash: When you return home, put all your laundry through a hot soapy wash, and dry them in your dryer. Soap dries bed bugs out, and heat eliminates bed bugs in all stages of development. You can use your dryer to eliminate bed bugs in other items as well. You can put a duffel bag or book bag in there. As long as it is dryer safe, you can use your dryer to get those bugs.

If bed bugs find a way to come home with you, or they enter your home with someone else, remember that Absolute Pest Control is available to help you deal with those bugs in your Denver home.     

Professional Bed Bug Control To Keep Them Away!

There is no way to keep bed bugs away. Don't believe anyone who tells you otherwise. At Absolute Pest Control, we are committed to providing customers only the services they need. We don't create year-round programs that you have to pay for every month, even though you don't have any problems with pests during the winter months. We use the same philosophy with bed bugs. While we are happy to perform routine bed bug inspections to catch these insects early and deal with them quickly, it won't prevent an infestation completely. The real benefit of having ongoing services for your home is that you have access to a service professional who knows your family and your home. If these bugs get in, we can quickly find them and eliminate them. If you'd like to learn more about Absolute Pest Control or need to request a bed bug treatment, reach out to us. We're here to help.    


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