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DIY Cockroach Control Vs. Professional Cockroach Control In Denver

Some Denver residents go to great lengths to get rid of cockroaches only to find that they've wasted time, energy, and money and allowed cockroaches to continue to cause damage and make them sick. Before you consider tackling this pest problem, you should be aware of a few pitfalls. Let's examine what works to get control of cockroaches and how DIY and professional cockroach control differs.

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At every stage of cockroach control, it is important to perform inspections. Before treatment, an inspection will help to determine where cockroaches are active and what treatment products and methods will be needed to arrest the infestation. During the treatment process, inspections help to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment process and provide necessary feedback so that corrections can be made where necessary. When the treatments are done, an inspection can ensure that no cockroaches remain.

DIY - Most Denver residents don't have the training or experience to perform cockroach inspections. This can make it difficult to establish and execute a cockroach control plan. And, when the treatments have been administered, there is no way to know that the infestation has been corrected.

Professional - When a trained pest management professional performs an inspection, the technician will draw upon knowledge acquired by industry professionals to locate hidden evidence. They'll also use methods to bring cockroaches out of hiding, such as applying a flushing agent. While no inspection is 100 percent, particularly when it comes to finding cockroaches, you're going to get the best possible results from a trained technician.


When cockroaches are found, it is extremely helpful to know what species you're dealing with. Wood roaches, for instance, are daytime roaches that present a low health risk. Oriental cockroaches, on the other hand, are a high health risk, but they have a preference for being outside in damp habitats. German cockroaches are the most common home-infesting insects in the world, and it is difficult to exclude them from structures without the deployment and application of pest control products.

DIY - Most Denver residents know what a roach looks like, but it can be difficult for some to determine the species because it isn't their field of expertise. This can lead to inappropriate measures being used.

Professional - A trained technician is aware of the unique visual characteristics of the cockroach species they control, and they know what methods are best for each. This results in an appropriate treatment plan. 


There are many ways to exterminate cockroaches. There are also many pitfalls. If a toxic agent is used, it is possible for cockroaches to become tolerant to the chemicals. When this happens, they can pick the chemicals up and carry them into sensitive areas of the home. When natural remedies are used, they often fall short because they become inert, or the cockroaches avoid them altogether.

DIY - There are many ways Denver residents choose to apply treatments to control cockroaches - far too many to explain. Often these fall short because residents don't realize that cockroaches can become tolerant to chemicals, become averse to bait, avoid powders, avoid toxins, and have many other behavior patterns that help them avoid treatments.

Professional - A trained technician uses field-tested products that are appropriate for the roach species being treated, and a professional will apply a multi-pronged strategy that doesn't rely on only one control product or one treatment method.


A key element in any cockroach control plan is good sanitation. Cockroaches feed on crumbs, juices, rotting organic matter, dead skin, hair, feces, and other roach food sources that can be addressed with sanitation.

DIY - This is something Denver residents can do to get some control of cockroaches and to mitigate the threat of cockroach-related illness. While it isn't enough on its own, it is an important piece of the cockroach control puzzle.

Professionals - Some pest control companies provide sanitation services, such as cleaning out drains or cleaning attic spaces. If a company does not provide sanitation services, they will provide insight into how your sanitation plays a role in your cockroach infestation.


A cockroach treatment isn't effective if new cockroaches can get inside to replace the roaches that have been exterminated. Exterior exclusions help to deter cockroaches from gaining entrance to structures. The tools for this job are a caulking gun, some expanding foam, and a foundation repair kit.

DIY - Most Denver residents have the ability to handle this task, but it is important to be aware that control products may be needed to make the barrier protection complete.

Professional - A pest control company can offer a perimeter treatment program to bolster the defenses around your home.

Are you dealing with cockroaches in your Denver home? The best solution is to allow the highly-trained technicians here at Absolute Pest Control get those roaches out and keep them out. We use industry-leading strategies and trusted products to get this job done right the first time. Connect with us today for immediate assistance. We offer both residential pest control and commercial pest management solutions.


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