How To Keep Your Denver Home Miller Moth-Free


May 15, 2022 - Moths

a miller moth on a blanket

Miller moths can fly rampant in Denver and that can cause problems for local homeowners, so how do you keep them out of your home? Here’s what residents should know about miller moths, why they may be invading your property, what you can do to get rid of them, as well as how Absolute Pest Control in Denver can help.

What Exactly Are Miller Moths?

You’ve probably seen plenty of moths around your Denver property, but what exactly are miller moths, and how are they different? These moths, which are common in Denver and other parts of Colorado, are the adult forms of army cutworms. You may also hear them called gypsy moths, salt marsh moths, army moths, and tussock moths.

Miller moths can vary in appearance and come in a variety of colors and patterns, which can make them tricky to identify. However, as common as they are in Colorado, there’s a good chance the nuisance moths around your property are miller moths.

When they are still caterpillars, cutworms enjoy feeding on garden plants and crops during the winter and early springtime months. Once they transition into miller moths, these pests prefer nectar during the late spring and summer months.

Moths Are Invading My Property!

As the temperatures rise in the summer, miller moths tend to migrate to higher elevations, which is why they’re so common in Denver as well as other areas, like Fort Collins, Windsor, and Loveland. Miller moths are looking for nectar to feed on, but they can accidentally end up in homes, especially if they’re feeding on a lot of your garden plants and flowering plants.

These moths may also end up in your home because they’re trying to avoid the sun, as miller moths seek shelter from daylight and may enter your garage, home, or a shed to wait out the daylight. And, since they’re attracted to white lights and other forms of light once the sun goes down, you may find these moths hanging around light fixtures and lightbulbs in your home once the sun goes down.

What Can I Do To Get Rid Of Miller Moths?

Some natural ways to get rid of miller moths around your home or property include: 

  • Use DIY or OTC traps to trap miller moths that may accidentally end up in your home.

  • Use a fly swatter to swat at miller moths as you spot them. 

  • Use a vacuum to vacuum up any miller moths that you find around your home, which may be easier to use than trying to swat at them with a fly swatter.

How Can Absolute Pest Control Help With Miller Moths?

If you’re constantly dealing with miller moths during the spring and summer, DIY traps and swatters may not be enough to deal with them. You may need to enlist professional home pest control services from those of us at Absolute Pest Control.

While fumigation and insecticides may not do much against moths, we can inspect your home to find areas where miller moths are entering and seal them off. Additionally, our treatments may be able to help combat miller moths. So, if you’re tired of swatting at miller moths, there’s one effective solution – call us today at Absolute Pest Control to learn more about how we can help with your miller moth problem.

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