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Denver is home to many spider species. While all spiders have fangs and venom, only two species are considered a medical threat to humans. You can probably guess which two. Black widows and brown recluse spiders are well known for the dangers they pose to humans. But you may be surprised to know that they aren't nearly as dangerous as you might think. Here are a few spider facts that every Denver resident should know.

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1. Black Widows Are Rarely Dangerous

On average, about 2,300 people are bitten by black widow spiders annually in the United States. Most do not require medical attention. This is because black widow spiders don't always inject venom when they bite. These bites are called dry bites, and if venom is injected, symptoms can still be minor. In rare cases, when symptoms are severe, death is still statistically low as the United States has a robust medical infrastructure, and U.S. citizens generally have quick access to necessary medical treatment.

2. Most Brown Recluse Spider Bites Aren't Bad

It is estimated that 85 percent of bites caused by brown recluse spiders do not result in any more than an itchy wound with an ulcer at the center. The spreading of necrosis is actually rare. We do still recommend seeking medical attention if you're bitten because it is best to have brown recluse spider bites monitored, just in case. But you don't need to live in fear of these spiders.

4. Brown Recluse Spiders Are Actually Reclusive

These spiders prefer to be in quiet, secluded areas of your Denver home. You're likely to find them in your attic spaces, crawl spaces, closets, and in other places you don't go into often. If you're cautious when going into these places, you can avoid unwanted contact.

5. Knowledge Is Key To Bite Prevention

When it comes to dangerous spiders, it is possible to reduce the risk of a bite even further by using some preventative tips.

  • Move beds away from the walls.
  • Remove skirts from your beds and make sure covers don't touch the floor during the night.
  • Shake shoes, clothing, and towels before use.
  • Be cautious when retrieving or opening boxes from storage.
  • Wear gloves when working in the yard, particularly if you'll be moving piles of dead branches.
  • Be on the lookout for tangled webbing near floors or near the ground outside. Dangerous spiders create webs like this in secluded or concealed places. 

6. A Word Of Caution

If you have black widow spiders or brown recluse spiders on your property, they should be addressed. A black widow spider bite can be painful, and these spiders can be found in strange places such as in between the support boards on an exterior deck. If you go under your deck to grab something, you could have a black widow spider get onto your back and ruin your day. Brown recluse spiders are reclusive but they can start to appear in surprising locations when they build a population inside a home. You can have one of these spiders come down from a ceiling vent while you're brushing your teeth or have one show up unannounced in your laundry room. Brown recluse spiders can do very well inside a home and grow a population of thousands.

7. All Of The Other Spiders

Most of the spiders in Denver are just nuisances. Some spiders can't bite you. Some have a mild bite that won't even wake you while you're sleeping. Some will cause a pinprick and in rare cases a burning pain that feels like a bee sting. While spiders are considered beneficial, due to the fact that they offer some control over other pests, it is best to not have them in your yard or in your home. 

8. A Pest Plan Can Help To Prevent Unwanted Encounters With Spiders

A residential pest control plan provides many benefits for a homeowner. Denver residents get pest control to stop termites, mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, wasps, and many other harmful pests, including spiders. If you've been considering professional pest control, let dangerous spiders be your inspiration. While they're not as dangerous as you might have been told, they are definitely a threat. 

If you live in Denver, reach out to Absolute Pest Control to learn about residential pest control and all of its many benefits. No homeowner, and no family, should be without a high quality pest control plan. Get your plan in place today. We're here to help.


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