Denver's Guide To Effective Miller Moth Control


May 15, 2023 - Moths

miller moth on tree in denver

It can be extremely alarming to see a miller moth in your home. These large moths have an intimidating appearance and can flutter erratically around your home, which can be a nuisance. While these moths are not able to bite or sting you, they can be annoying to have around.

If you are seeing miller moths around your home, our Denver pest control specialists can help. At Absolute Pest Control Inc., we know what attracts these moths to your home, and we can help you prevent any more of these annoying creatures from coming inside. 

How To Identify A Miller Moth

Like all moths, miller moths start out as caterpillars before they go through metamorphosis. This moth starts as an army cutworm about two inches long with a dark green and black body. Usually, the army cutworm has a light white line that runs down the middle of its back and orange and black stripes on the side of its body. The head of the cutworm is a dark brown color with black spots. 

Once the cutworm transforms into a miller moth, it can look a little scary to some people. The moth's body is still around two inches long, but it now has two larger wings with a wingspan of around two inches. The wings are usually an ash-gray or brown color and will have dark wavy markings on them. 

Are Miller Moths Harmful?

The miller moth is not harmful to humans or animals. But the army cutworm is known to eat the leaves, stems, and seeds of the various plants in your yard which can ruin your flower and vegetable gardens. Female miller moths can lay between 30 and 50 eggs at one time, and the eggs can hatch in just a few weeks. This means that if you have several miller moths hanging around your Denver home and property, you could soon have hundreds of army cutworms outside of your home destroying your landscape. 

How Do Miller Moths Get Into The House?

Miller moths want to be outside only at night. Once the sun rises, they will try to find a safe and dark place to rest until dusk. They will squeeze through any gaps or cracks that they find around the doors and windows around your home. Some of the things that can attract miller moths to your home include:

  • Light: If you have an outdoor light around your home, you could have several moths swarming around your home. This is why you shouldn't leave your porch lights and other lights on all night. 
  • Darkness: Once they get inside your home, the miller moths will try to find a dark place to hide.
  • Warmth: Miller moths do not do well in the cold. They can actually die from freezing temperatures. If they sense that your home is warm, they will try to come inside.

If a miller moth gets into your house, it can be quite annoying. They won't eat clothing, food, or any other objects in your home. However, they fly in erratic patterns and commonly bump into people's faces or fall into cups and plates when you're eating. 

What Is The Easiest Way To Get Rid Of Miller Moths?

At Absolute Pest Control Inc., we understand the frustration that having miller moths in your home can cause. We go above and beyond to eradicate these annoying bugs. Not only can we eliminate moths from your Denver property, but we can also inspect your home and give you customized tips that will help to prevent them from coming back in the future. Give us a call today to get your estimate.

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