What To Do About The Smelly Odorous House Ants Inside Your Denver Home


September 15, 2022 - Ants

odorous house ants on a leaf

No one wants to share a home with ants. They are supposed to stay outside as part of the ecosystem, not part of the interior of your Denver home. Waking up and stumbling into the bathroom only to be greeted by ants crawling around the floor or in your sink is annoying and unsettling.

If you have ants in the house, you need to secure the Denver pest control team at Absolute Pest Control. We are experts in ant elimination and will solve your ant problems. 

Why Are There Ants In My Kitchen?

If you have ants in the kitchen, they are finding food. Although they will eat grease and dead insects, Odorous house ants (Tapinoma sessile) are particularly attracted to foods high in sugar. If you see these brown or black ants in your kitchen, do the following:

  • Sweep the floors daily.
  • Seal garbage cans.
  • Remove pet food after each feeding.
  • Vacuum along the baseboards and under appliances.
  • Wipe down surfaces after each meal. 

Odorous house ants are more likely to invade your kitchen after periods of heavy rain. They tend to travel along edges such as baseboards and countertop edges, so vacuum using an extension wand to get into the crevices. 

Can Ants Come Through The Water Drain?

Ants are attracted to moisture which makes drains prime real estate for ants. They get into drains because food debris and standing water drew them into the pipe. Ants build large nests and can clog your pipes if left undisturbed. If you see ants coming out of the faucet, you have a hole in the tube allowing ants to have access. If you have ants coming out of the drain or spigot, do the following:

  • Clean out the drain.
  • Seal any entry points into the drain area.
  • Dehumidify the bathroom.
  • Check behind the walls and below the drain for leaks.
  • Wipe moisture off the floor after taking a shower.
  • Allow ventilation in the bathroom.
  • Plug cracks or holes in the walls. 

Odorous house ants in Denver are attracted to moist and humid areas, so eliminating the humidity and moisture will deter ants from coming into the bathroom. Ants in pipes can be hazardous to your health because they contaminate the water as it flows through to you. You don't want to brush your teeth in tainted water! 

The Reason For The Chemical Smell Odorous House Ants Produce

Odorous house ants, also called stink ants or coconut ants, are so-named due to the rotten coconut-like smell produced when crushed or threatened. They release the odor to defend against predators by confusing or repelling them.

We naturally squash ants when we see them in the house. Killing odorous ants while on a hard surface is fine, but do not squish the ants if they are on your skin. Smashing odorous ants on your skin may result in skin irritation due to the chemical release.

Ant Control For Denver Residents Made Easy With Absolute Pest Control

Odorous house ants nests in your home may be in the walls, attic, basement, and other locations. Odorous ants build interconnected nests through a process known as "budding." Each nest contains multiple queens, and when a nest is disturbed, the queens leave with several workers to quickly establish new nests. 

Because a house may have many nests, Odorous house ant control requires the professionals at Absolute Pest Control. Our environmentally safe and effective treatments target odorous ants and their nests. Our pest control experts will solve your ant problem so you can relax in your Denver home. Contact us today. 

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