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Navigating Hotel Pest Prevention In Denver

What is commercial pest control, and how can quality commercial pest control help? Here's what you need to know for Denver business owners with questions about pest control. We will cover why pest control is so important for hospitality businesses, how hotels typically keep pests at bay, what you can expect with commercial pest control services, and how commercial pest control in Denver can make all the difference. 

Why Is Pest Control So Important In Hospitality?

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Pest control is essential for any place – home or business – but it's especially crucial in the hospitality industry. When you run a hotel or a bed-and-breakfast, your customers expect your establishment to be completely pest-free. 

All it takes is the sight of one cockroach, rodent, or even spotting a few bed bugs for your business's reputation to be completely destroyed. Even if the pest issue gets dealt with, you may never get all of your business back. 

Besides just the flack you may get from customers, hospitality businesses all need permits from the health department. If your business does not meet the regulations from the health department, such as having a pest infestation, they can shut down your hotel or motel for an indefinite amount of time. 

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons pest control is so important for your hospitality business is that you're more susceptible to infestation. When you regularly deal with new people, your business can be vulnerable to pests that get around by hitching rides, like bed bugs. 

How Do Hotels Typically Keep The Pests At Bay

In addition to working with a professional pest control company for year-round care, some other ways that hotels avoid pest infestations include: 

  • They repair any cracks or gaps in the building where common pests may try to enter.
  • They keep up with strict food and trash storage practices by keeping a clean workspace, stocking fresh ingredients, throwing out rotten ones, and storing their food in sealed, pest-free containers. 
  • They regularly check laundry rooms, bathrooms, and other areas for signs of moisture problems, like leaky faucets or pipes. 
  • They train staff members to recognize the signs of common pests, like cockroaches or bed bugs.
  • Some hotels may implement a policy that encourages employees to report bed bug infestations in their own homes as they could possibly bring them into work. 
  • After a guest leaves the hotel, new sheets always get added, and hotels will wash and inspect the old sheets for signs of bed bugs.

These practices are all an important part of keeping your business pest-free.

What To Expect When Receiving Commercial Pest Control Services

Because it only takes a single pest to ruin your reputation, solving pest infestations quickly and effectively is key – and the best way to do that is with Absolute Pest Control's commercial pest control program. 

We provide pest control for a variety of businesses, including businesses in the hospitality industry like hotels, motels, bed-and-breakfasts, and other lodgings. We also know how valuable your time is as a business owner, which is why our commercial pest control includes convenient services like live chat and flexible scheduling that fits your timetable. 

The first step with any commercial pest control service is for us to perform a thorough inspection of your business – which includes checking for harborage zones, entry points, and other signs of a pest problem. 

Once we've completed an inspection of your business to find out how extreme the pest infestation is and where it's coming from, we'll come up with an individualized treatment plan that fits the needs of your business and schedule. 

And, with a complete satisfaction guarantee, we know our job isn't done until your business is completely and permanently pest-free.

Total Pest Management For Denver Hotels

Even just finding a single rodent or roach in your Denver hotel can mean bad news for your business, but when you work with us at Absolute Pest Control, it doesn't have to. We're a small business too, and we understand how dangerous a pest problem can be for your employees' health and your company's reputation. We can stop cockroach or bed bug infestations before they get a chance to destroy your business' reputation. 

If you've discovered a pest problem or just think your business may have one, there's no time to waste – contact us today at Absolute Pest Control to learn more about how our pest control program works. 


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