Call Absolute Pest Control Why should I use Absolute Pest Control over another company?

  • APC is a locally owned and operated company that over our 26 years in business has developed pest control techniques specific for the front range.

  • Other companies apply a national standard of service to all of their customers, no matter where they live, so people in Colorado get the same process of service as people in (pick a city, Anchorage, Orlando, LA ). This doesn’t work. Techniques for controlling pests vary from region to region. What works in (fill in with city) will not necessarily work here.

  • We care more for our customers and their property than just any other company.

  • Our carefully screened techs have tools, products and training for Colorado’s unique Eco system, making our methods of pest control highly successful.

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What is the best (and safest) way to get rid of ants?
Colony elimination is preferred when possible; using odorless chemicals if ants are inside the home. Additionally, many professional type baits can be used to attract ants to a non-sensitive area in or around your home. Baiting can be effective as well, but requires timely replenishing of product as the worker ants pick up the bait and carry it back to the main colony.

How can I get rid of spiders in and around my home?
Experienced pest control professionals will use both contact kill and residual products in the areas where spiders spend most of their time, both indoors and outdoors. Popular areas include, but are not limited to, high and low corners, above windows, and around exterior lighting where spiders make webs to catch their food.

I was told I have clover mites around my dining room windows. They are tiny little red bugs, about the size of a pin head. Any suggestions?
Clover mites inside a home can be considered anything from a minor nuisance to a nightmare. Eliminate all obvious clover mites by vacuuming. Next, mix a teaspoon of liquid dish soap and a quart of water in a spray bottle. You will need to open all of the windows on all floors of your home, although the north facing side of a home is rarely bothered by these annoying critters. Spray the soapy water around the track of each window and close as you go. Do this for all windows and exterior doors in your home. Use liquid dish soap in a hose end sprayer and treat the foundation on the East, South, and West sides of your house as well. Any grasses and vegetation within six to ten feet of your foundation should also be treated. This process may have to be repeated on a weekly basis, depending on how persistent your clover mites are. These bugs hate water and the soap makes your water softer, therefore more easily penetrating and uncomfortable to the clover mites.
Additional Note: Clover mites can also be found in gutters, therefore you should also clean out the gutters around your home.

I have a big problem with bees and wasps around my house. They come back each year and build nests in different locations throughout our property. One year in the attic, one under the porch, another year they even took up residence in our basement. What is the best way to discourage them from coming back?
Homeowners with bees, wasps, and yellowjackets appearing around their homes should spend some time observing their activity. Should any of these stinging insects enter the home through any deficiency in the structure, they are probably trying to establish nesting areas within your home. Yellowjacket traps can be placed hanging from tree limbs or plant stands. However, it should be noted that these devices do not work for wasps or honey bees. Since these pests all fly, the best long term consideration may be to reduce the reproducing population. These insects also seem to be most attracted to pastel colored homes, whereas white homes do not typically have many issues with bees and wasps. (Please note that if you find a large nest, it is safest to call in a professional team to help out, since we’ve got special equipment that makes tackling large bee and wasp infestations much easier and less dangerous!)

Do we need to worry about ticks and fleas in Douglas County? If so, how can we keep them away from our kids and pets?
Ticks in Colorado are usually found in higher elevations than the Denver area, while fleas are found in lower elevations. We are in the perfect location to avoid both! Ticks and fleas, although not often encountered, are still possible. Parents and other adults should check children and pets regularly. Areas to check are hair and other areas on the body where constrictions occur including waist bands and elastic areas of socks.

One of the main things on everyone’s mind in this economy is expense. What can your average customer expect to spend on your services? What is the most cost effective way to manage home pest control?
All-encompassing pest control service varies widely based primarily on the size of your structure, level of infestation, and degree of difficulty associated with treating an individual issue. On average, for annual service with follow up applications (needed when products break down over time), a homeowner can expect to spend somewhere between four and six hundred dollars annually on pest control services.

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