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Aurora, CO Pest Control

High-Quality Pest Control For Aurora, CO

One of the principal cities in the Denver area, this large city is known for its beautiful country and wealth of homes and businesses in the area. For this reason, pest infestations occur on a fairly consistent basis. Fortunately, with professional pest control services, pest infestations are easily eliminated.

At Absolute Pest Control, our team offers a range of residential and commercial pest control services designed specifically to address the pests local to the area for unmatched results. With over 30 years of experience in the area, we have the training and resources needed to get you back to what pest-free feels like.

Pest Control In Aurora, CO

When you think of home, you likely think of family, safety, movie nights, and a general sense of wellbeing. When pest infestations occur, it's really easy for your home to feel like the worst place on Earth. That's why we're ready to jump in and assist you with our residential pest control services, so you can feel good at home again.

All of our residential services are customized to your unique needs and the pest's behavior for a pest solution that delivers the results you need. Through our local understanding and comprehensive approach, you can be confident in the status of your home again.

No matter what your pest problems are, we have the solutions you can count on. Call our team at Absolute Pest Control today and learn more about our superior home pest control services in Aurora, CO.

Commercial Pest Control In Aurora, CO

When pests invade your business, it's more than an inconvenience. Pests lead to angry customers, damaged equipment, and even worse consequences given enough time. That's why at the first sign of a problem we're ready to stop it in its tracks.

Before getting to work, we begin with a comprehensive inspection, so we understand your unique problem to the fullest. This ensures the solutions we implement are successful the first time without fail.

 Partner with our team at Absolute Pest Control for all of your commercial pest control needs. Contact our team today for your free quote or to schedule effective commercial pest control solutions in Aurora, CO.

Here's What Aurora Residents Ought To Know About Voles

Voles are part of the rodent family and capable of causing extensive damage to your landscaping if not addressed quickly enough. As such, there are some things you should know about Voles in the Aurora area:

  • Outside threat: As a rule, Voles stay outside and rarely come inside, if ever. Instead, they spend their lives outdoors burrowing and building a network of tunnels underground.
  • Always active: Even though they're outside all the time, they don't hibernate or take breaks. As such, they're a threat to your landscaping all year. Even worse, they're active both day and night.
  • Prolific breeding: Voles reproduce more rapidly than nearly any other member of the rodent family. Just one female can have five to ten litters of three to six. They are more likely to reproduce in the spring and summer months.

If you suspect a Vole problem, don't wait to take action. Contact our team at Absolute Pest Control today to explore your Vole control options.

Five Easy Ant Prevention Tips For Aurora Homeowners

As a rule, ants are more of a nuisance than a threat, but that doesn't mean they belong in your home. For this reason, we've compiled five easy ant prevention tips to help you keep them out of your home:

  1. Block off access points: Ants are tiny and can get through even the smallest openings. For this reason, make sure to patrol the perimeter of your building and seal any gaps, holes, or crevices with a silicone-based caulk.
  2. Eliminate sources of water: Any water they can access, whether inside or near the building, represents a beacon to ants. Repair any leaks, eliminate standing water, and consider using a dehumidifier if the house is humid. Don't forget to check the gutters while you're inspecting the building.
  3. Cleanliness counts: Ants like it messy, which means if you keep the house clean and wiped down, they're not going to be inclined to stick around for long.
  4. Pet control: Your pets likely make a mess of their food and drink, which can attract ants. Make sure to pick up after your pet and keep all unused food sealed properly.
  5. Professional assistance: If you really want an edge in keeping the ants away, it's worth investing in professional ant control services to keep you protected all year long, so they never have a chance to become a problem.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you notice an ant problem in your Aurora home. Contact our team at Absolute Pest Control today for your free quote or to schedule your initial inspection.