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Are Miller Moths In Denver Dangerous?

May 14, 2021 - Moths

Miller moths are a common pest found here in Colorado. They originate from the larvae of army cutworms that inhabit the crop fields on the eastern side of the state, and in western Kansas. The larvae eventually hatch and send these flying creatures westward toward the mountains.

During the warmer months, miller moths travel to locate flowering plants and other sources of nectar. During their journey, miller moths are often a nuisance to people, as they are drawn to the lighting of homes and businesses. They are most commonly a problem in areas of pine trees, and near homes made of logs or those with decks or wood siding.

The wingspan of the miller moth generally ranges from one to two inches, and they have either a grayish or brown appearance. They are preyed upon by ground beetles, bats, and various types of birds. Groups of swallows are often seen gathering to feed on miller moths when they are prevalent.

Are Miller Moths A Danger To Humans?

Miller moths are considered to be mostly a nuisance that presents no real health risks to humans. They will often gain access to the interior of a structure; however, they do not eat any foods or items found indoors. Miller moths will generally either escape back outside, or die inside.

When groups of miller moths die within the structure an odor might be detectable, and this can attract carpet beetles. They are known to excrete an acidic fluid and a dust-like substance that may leave spots on curtains and other furnishings.

Tips For Preventing Them

  • Property owners should closely inspect the exterior of the structure for any gaps or openings that might allow them access. Fill any surface openings with a weather-resistant sealant, and place weather stripping around the frames of windows and doors. 
  • Reduce unnecessary outdoor lighting after dark, as miller moths are drawn to these areas. Consider using bulbs that emit a color of light that is less attractive to these, and other pests. 
  • Several plants to avoid having in the yard include lilacs, spirea, raspberry, and Russian olive.

Properly Responding To Pest-Related Concerns

Some local home and business owners make the mistake of underestimating the resilience of many types of pests, and disregard the early indications of a potential invasion. Weeks or months later, a relatively minor problem often develops into a major infestation that creates aggravation and might pose health risks, or create costly property damage.

Others mistakenly attempt to try do-it-yourself home treatment options purchased from local home improvement stores or online retailers. The effectiveness of most of these products is contrary to their exaggerated marketing claims that suggest they are a quick and easy solution. The best course of action when you detect signs of a pest intrusion is to promptly contact a professional pest control company. 

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